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You know you've made it as an author when you can snag your book at Target (along with the Tide and Hefty bags!) ...

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Flashback to 2011: Satire, Illustration, California, and the Tea Party @boomcalifornia

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Save Around $10 and Snag a World Premiere Special Offer for Frederick Luis Aldama's and William Anthony Nericcio's New Book, Talking #BrownTV: Latinas and Latinos on the Screen

Crazy Sale! Going on Now! 


Venta Venta! Venga Venga!  

Hit the image of our new book above (or click here) to purchase your own autographed copy* of talking #browntv: latinas and latinos on the screen by Fede Aldama & Bill Nericcio from the Ohio State University Press. Only $29.95 plus 99¢ shipping (Compare to $34.95 + $3.99 Shipping + tax on Jeff Bezos's evil Amazon portal!)

You get a new copy of the book along with any two posters you want from this blog--see the array of offerings here Shipping is only 99¢! Be sure to email me the URLs of the posters you want to

Here's the skinny on #browntv:

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Talking #browntv
Latinas and Latinos on the Screen 

Frederick Luis Aldama
William Anthony Nericcio 

Conversation on the representations of Latina/os in American TV and film in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. 

“Talking #browntv wakes the world to the urgency for televisual media to willfully recreate the complexity and diversity of our Latinx communities.” —Aitana Vargas, award-winning journalist for the LA Times, BBC, and CNN Expansión 

My Dinner with Andre, except with two sassy Solons waxing wise and wacky on Slowpoke Rodriguez, Superman as Mexico’s savior, and other highs and lows of Mexican muses in American pop culture. Nomás falta the Tapatio on this intellectual popcorn!” —Gustavo Arellano, author of Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America 

Frederick Luis Aldama is Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor and Director of LASER at The Ohio State University and the author, coauthor, or editor of more than thirty books, including Tales from La Vida: A Latinx Comics Anthology (Mad Creek Books, 2018). 

William Anthony Nericcio is Professor and Director of MALAS at San Diego State University. He is the author of Tex[t]-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the “Mexican” in America. 

*Note you only get Bill Nericcio's autograph on this special deal--you'll have to reach out on your own to get Fede's John Hancock!