Friday, November 12, 2010

The End of MEXTASY!

Just a quick note to thank all of the amazing people at STC that made MEXTASY a reality!  Especially warm thanks go to Rachael Brown, artist and Professor at STC and Amanda Alejos, who runs the gallery, for making this a deeply moving and memorable experience!  In honor of their work, I dedicate this new piece to Professor Brown and Curator Alejos......

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Last Few Days of Mextasy! McAllen, Texas @ STC Pecan Art Gallery

Get on down to the Art Gallery in the Art Building at the Pecan Campus of South Texas College--the MEXTASY show is coming down and packing up for a road trip to Laredo, Texas and the Laredo Center for the Arts.  Check it out before it leaves the Rio Grande Valley!  Here are some shots of the corner of the gallery where the curators allowed me to "sign" the show!  Hats off to Amanda Alejos and Rachael Brown, co-curators, for making this such a  rewarding and trippy experience!

Bill Nericcio